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About Cooper Hanson


Cooper Hanson has been an exhibiting artist for over 30 years.  She was selected as one of top 10 Mid-Atlantic artists by the Corcoran Museum of Art.  Hanson’s exhibitions include the Columbus Museum, Smithsonian, Washington Project, University of Maryland, Goucher College, Baltimore International College, Maryland Art Place, Soho Galleries, Bauhause, American Embassy; Romania, Baltimore School of the Arts, Interlochen Arts Academy, Washington County Museum of Art, Baltimore Contemporary Museum ,Art Basel, Hollywood bi-annual, Artascent, etc. Ms. Hanson works have been published and are in the permanent Heritage Collection.


Ms. Hanson has won the Presidential Citation Award for her efforts with combining the arts, community, and people with special needs, for raising awareness and funds. In addition, Hanson has used art to facilitate other charities and promotional work for the community. These would include the Baltimore City (street banners, flags and posters), Goodwill Foundation, Catholic Charities (non-political), Mocktails (mentally challenged adults} and the Aids Task Force.


Born in Detroit, Michigan ,Cooper Hanson now resides in Miami, Florida.


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